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Recently, I have been a tad M.I.A from my blog, to make a long story not very long, I was commissioned by a Berlin magazine to style and interview a very enigmatic and charismatic musician called Domino.  Due to the tight deadline I had two days to familiarise myself with Berlin Menswear press offices, pull the pieces, come up with the shoot and interview concept, as well as stay on top of all my other projects.

Picking up press pieces for Domino was so much fun because I knew that even though the shoot would have a more ‘wearable/day to day’ feel to it; I would add some experimental touches and pizzazz to each look.  And by pizzazz, I would be inspired by one of the most iconic, experimental artists of all time- Prince.  I also knew that from what I had gathered from Domino’s, Dearling Physique music videos– he would be game.

Although Prince would be my muse in this shoot, this did not result in the shoot echoing 80s glam by way of baroque jackets, Edwardian shirts, men’s heels and other Prince-tastic manifestations.  My nod to Prince was a lot more subtle than that, and instead of the above I was inspired by certain traits of Prince, like for example- his fondness for ‘neck action’, which saw him dressed in Edwardian shirts with frothy, ruffled detailings, led me to pick this polka dot scarf which was tied like so-

Herringbone jacket- Cheap Monday.  Bordeaux cord trousers- Monki.  Polka dot scarf- Tiger of Sweden.

Courtesy of Coolaburnreview.com

Prince also liked to put experimental touches on otherwise, conventional, tailored menswear, and this led me to add this fabulous, Bjorg, Black moon necklace to this black and white formal ensemble and style it like so-

Black waistcoat- Wekday, Black trousers- Cheap Monday.  White kaftan shirt- Weekday collection.

Courtesy of Allmusic.biography.blogspot.com

Courtesy of Boom973.com

Remember how Prince loved to play with gender by wearing some ‘feminine-like’ pieces– the makeup, midriff baring crops, men’s heels, or wearing over-sized jackets on top of teeny-weeny briefs (my personal favourite)-

Courtesy of Blog.pretentiousrecordstoreguy.com

Courtesy of Popomaticdeluxe.com

What I found fascinating about these ensembles, was that to me, he still looked undeniably ‘male‘ and I was still very much attracted to him- maybe it’s because of the way he strummed that guitar…  So when I was pulling pieces for Domino, for the first time ever, I bounced from the female and menswear sections, picking anything and everything I thought would suit Domino.  I have never had so much freedom with a menswear shoot and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I won’t tell you which were the feminine pieces, I’ll let you guess.  Can you?

Pince always had a bit of a Pimp edge– remember the Pimp angle of his hats?

Courtesy of Pureviolet.free.fr

This led me to pick these ensembles for this look- you should have seen the way I pounced on this leopard beauties in the press room!-

Black shaggy cardigan- 5 Preview, Leopard print trousers- Cheap Monday.  Headphones- TRIWA.

I have to say that after about seven years of styling, it was one of those very few times where how I envisioned the subject in my head when I chose the press pieces matched and even surpassed my expectations of how the subject looked when they tried the pieces on.  Danke Domino!

I would love to show you more of the looks but I want to save that for when the magazine is published, so stay tuned.  There is a tribal-inspired look that I especially loved so the wait will be well worth it!

Ps. If any stylists are looking for fab jewellery or men’s wear pieces especially, head to Agency V, their showroom at the moment is heavenly!  And a big thank you to Sara at Agency V because without her, this shoot would not have been able to happen.