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In the words of Sebastyne Young, ‘A picture can tell a thousand words…’, and with this post I only have one image, but I believe it says enough and stands strong on its own.

When I went home (Lagos, Nigeria) this Summer, I had a relentless desire to take as many pictures of my mother as possible and to borrow (translation, steal) as many of her old pictures.  Here is a picture I ‘borrowed’ from her, I believe she was off to one of her many functions-

There is so much I love about this outfit-

– The mix of textures and the clash of prints

– Her gold and red cherry jewellery- now this I have to ‘borrow’!

– Her silver sandals with flower embellishment and silver purse

In the last post of my mother, I mentioned my love for the blog Advanced Style, and one of the things I love about the personal style images of the older generation featured in the blog are the finishing touches they put in their outfits.   In Advanced Style this often materialises in accessories like gloves and the cutest hats.  Wtih my mum it will be her fan, a gele (the head piece)…

I look at above images like this and smile because I think- growing up with this kind of inspiration around me, of course I ended up working and obsessing about this industry.

I’ll leave you all with an old-school African track that brings back great childhood memories of growing up in Port Harcourt, Nigeria-