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Recently , a good friend sent me a link that she thought I might like.  I had no idea what to expect and when I opened it, I was very excited to be introduced to yet another talented artist by the name of Hassan Hajjaj.  He recently did a studio portrait collection called, My Rockstars: Volume 1 which is said to,  ‘capture the colour and spontaneity of his childhood in Morocco’. It is said that his sitters – ‘not just musicians but the snake charmer, henna girl, bad boy, male belly dancer – often wear clothes he has designed, standing in spaces totally covered by patterns he has chosen, and the photographs are eventually set in a frame he has constructed.’  The exhibition premiered for the first time in Dubai last month.

One thing’s for sure, I would love to meet and work with this man, what a vision he had for this project!  Here are a selection of my favourite portraits, starting with my ultimate favourite-

How fabulous and inspiring is this portrait?  I have to start researching designers who can make me an African/Ankara print 50s style dress…

Isn’t there now such a big grin on your face?  There is something so uplifting about these images- the way he mixes colours, textures, print with wild abandon.  There is a childish playful quality and yet undeniable mature skill oozes out of these images.

Which is your favourite image?

To see more of his portraits and learn more about Hassan’s inspiration for this project- click here.

All images courtesy of Hassan Hajjaj.