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Last weekend I took my friend, Domino, for a Farewell Dinner and we dined at Yumcha Heroes, Berlin. Anyone who loves dumplings and is in Berlin, I suggest you pop in ASAP.  Here are some of the dishes we ordered, Domino had these yummy chicken meat ball wraps, which I secretly wish I had ordered-

I decided to stray away from my chicken obsession and ordered these meat dumplings.  Big mistake, Sorry Chicken, I will never doubt you again-

Luckily, I finished things of with these scrumptious pork dumplings

It was great to dine with Domino because I find I laugh a lot when we are together.  However I couldn’t help but notice that he had a penchant for reaching out for his phone, and so when he did so for the upteenth time (just kidding Domino!), I told him that he was one of those people who if they were climbing the Himalyas, would spend their time Facebook blasting and Tweeting the experience via their phone, instead of just enjoying the moment- and then Domino jokingly replied, ‘The phone is the moment!’, which really made me laugh as it sums up social media today.  P.s that would make a great tag line for a phone service provider.  You heard it here first peeps.

After we finished dinner, I dragged Domino to the woods to take some pictures.  Of course-

Random Fact- Domino’s jazzy shirt, actually used to be a dress.  He cut it up et voila!

How Rick Ross is his beard?! Ps I totally want a boyfriend with a beard which I can nuzzle in all Winter long.  I’m not talking of a manicured Mama’s Boy Beard I mean a full on Seven Brides for the Seven Brothers before their makeover beard.

I decided to wear my new First Date Outfit, which Domino complimented (phew!!)-

This is my favourite blouse, I love the multi coloured butterfly print and the fact that it oozes primness with the pussy bow detailing but gives out subtle Bad Girl messages as it’s sheer.  Keep ’em guessing which way the tide will turn innit

Mama gave me the necklace and earrings, and when she did she said, ‘Biki wear these on dates, a guy will be really attracted to their sparkle’.  Bless.

Blouse and Skirt- Topshop.  I love Topshop. The End.

So are you a beard lover or do you prefer the clean-shaven look?  What’s your First Date Outfit?  Enquiring minds would love to know…