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Last Friday was one of those great Berlin nights.  I started things of by heading down to the launch party of a new Berlin online magazine called, WOW, where I befriended this Brazilian-born cutey cute who goes by the name, Joe

That night, I had the classic, ‘Wardrobe full but nothing to wear’ palaba, and when I’m faced with this ‘crisis’, I turn a piece of fabric into a top with the help of a vintage belt et voila-

I love gold lamé, how it moves, falls, it‘s such a sensuous fabric and whenever I use this fabric, I always feel like the 80s Queen B (Bee and Bitch)- Alexis Carrington-

Courtesy of Thejumpingfrog.com

As Joe and I had meaningful conversations that bounced from, ‘who was sexier the Brazilian or the German girl’ and what WOW was actually about, the DJ spun great classic Michael Jackson and Goldfrapp tracks.  So it was with a heavy heart I pulled myself from the dance floor to go to another party at Schlesische Str. 38.  Now this was a typical Berlin venue, hard to find, cheap as chips and crammed with intriguing decor, nooks and crannies and a bed.  Erm.

It was the perfect venue for a photo shoot, and so without further ado, Domino and I got to wErk

Domino’s 90s esque stonewashed high-waisted denims (with cute turn-ups) and statement black boots reminded me of the cast members of the 90s films I was weaned on- Reality Bites, With Honours, Singles…

Singles Courtesy of Theuncool.com

And let’s not forget the iconic 90s show-Beverly Hills 90210– whose cast members (Bad Boy Dillon especially!!) modelled hight waisted denims and black belts on a daily basis-

Courtesy of Misskellyjane.wordpress.com

In contrast to Domino’s 90s-esque look, I decided to give a nod to eighties glamour in this ensemble-

Outfit- Print headscarf (Market), Gold lamé material worn as top, earring and belt (Portobello Market, London), Pleather Skirt- (Topshop), Boots and Bracelet (Gift) and Glove (Ad Hoc, London)

Another highlight of the night was having chats with Frank, founder of the monster blog, I Heart Berlin.  It was actually because of his blog I found out about the first event I went to and I have to say that his blog has been my survival guide in Berlin.  Anyhoo, I often see Frank out and about and assumed he was your typical Berlin Party Monster but turns out that he is mainly a techy boy.  And that’s another great thing about Berlin (despite its reputation), it is perfectly possible for you to be in the scene without living the scene, if you know what I mean…

He is the dude on the far right-

Finally, I’ll end with something that happened that shook me to lamé core.  In Hysterics.  See the guy on the far left?  Well he turned some blonde damsel, literally crazy with lust.  All through the right she kept on charging into him like a drunken bull, slurring the subtle words, ‘I reEEEally like you’.  Finally on her 4th charge, when she couldn’t stand me ‘standing in the way’ of her future husband, Ladies and Gentleladies, she pushed me out of the way.  As in I actually travelled across the floor! And I can swear I saw thick puffs of steam pumping out of her nostrils as she did so. It’s official- Single Ladies ain’t playn’ no mo’!