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As the year draws to a close, it’s normally a time for me to gather all my styling, written and PR work to evaluate just what I’ve done this year.  And it’s with great pleasure that I announce the launch of Kaltblut’s, ICON.IC(AL) issue which contains both my styling and written work!

It’s particularly exciting because with this issue the magazine, went P-R-I-N-T for the first time, as much as I love what online has done for fashion, how it’s made it more interactive, accessible and how it has ensured that fashion content  is delivered ‘in real time’ and what not.  Print is what got me into this business baby, and I can’t wait to hold the copy in my hands!

With this juicy issue all corners are licked by way of 404 pages dishing out memorable visuals as well as entertaining reads- all paying tribute to that which is ‘ICON.IC (AL) dhharling.

So far the issue 3 launch is doing well, it is currently #1 at the Issuu charts for creative magazines, if you want to see what the fuss is all about then, you are just a click away-


Oh, and here is a teaser shot from the series of shots I styled-

Read, enjoy and Spread the Word!