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My recent hairstyle comes in the shape of what I like to call, ‘The Rock n Roll Quiff with a Twist’.  The twist being, the back of my hair is cornrowed and falls as one long plait.

I also added some blonde streaks to the curls to highlight my skin tone-

This hairstyle can be achieved with a natural afro as one can leave one’s hair out at the front and cornrow the back with their natural hair, or go for a fuller braid length using hair extensions.

Similarly, people with relaxed hair can also do this hairstyle with the help of using Curl Extensions at the front and Cornrow Extensions at the back.  I used the latter option as its pretty cold in Berlin at the moment and I want to protect my hair.

To achieve the volume, I use a great product by Kera Care called Silken Seal.  I tend to put about 2/3 drops on my fingers, rub it in and then use an Afro comb to seperate the curls.  To finish the look, I use medium sized black curly grips to put the hair in the direction I want.

I also opted to dress in Christmas festive colours, I saw this fan in an off-licence shop window down my road and couldn’t resist.  I thought it would be fun to coordinate the colours on my fan with my red coral dress, green bra and black lace glove-

Dress and belt- Portobello Market, Necklace- Primark, Glove- Ad Hoc, Fan- Off- Licence.

Have any of you done the Quiff Hairstyle before?  I tried to make it ‘my own’ by adding the blonde extensions and plait, how have you or how would you give the Quiff hairstyle your own personal twist?