I was once having an in-depth conversation with a Berlin dude about the mystery that is, ‘The Berlin Man’- trust me, there is a mystery.  And he told  me something profound, and once he said it, Berlin men posed a mystery no more.  He said, ‘Berlin men don’t give a shit’.  That would certainly explain the memorable words that has sprung from their mouths during the ‘courting ritual’.

Now not all this shit has been said to me, some of my good mates have had the priviledge of being on the receiving end of some of the shit listed below-

  • ‘…I’m straight but I’ve hooked up with guys in the past.  I don’t believe in labels, I think sexuality is fluid…’

As both parties peer outside of X’s flat window, Y turns to X and says,

  • ‘…oh, you see that park?  I lived in it last year when I was homeless…’
  • ‘…I don’t date, I don’t text or call girls, I don’t like white light….’
  • ‘…I don’t believe in casual sex…’

Now fast-forward this decleration by a week, when after sending ‘The Saint’s’ picture to a friend,  and some Inspector Gadget work was done- I was then shown a picture that confirmed that he was very much on an infamous ‘casual dating’ site.

  • I’m an artist but I can’t show anyone my work, they wouldn’t understand it…’
  •  ‘…I really like you, but I am living with my ex-girlfriend at the moment.  Nothing is going on between us, but she wouldn’t like it if I came home late tonight’.
  • ‘…I thought I brought enough change but I didn’t, can you buy me this first drink and I’ll pay you back…’
  •  ‘…I think I was supposed to be black…’
  •  ‘…I’ve just moved in to my new flat, to decorate it I’m going to find some boxes left out on the streets and just put my clothes in there…’

Whilst making veeery interesting, suggestive shapes on one’s hand-

  •  ‘…I have a girlfriend…’

Within the first half hour of meeting-

  • ‘…I could fall in love with you…’

Aaaaah, Berlin men, you gotta lov’em.

Over to you Ladies and Gentleladies, heard any good shit from men recently?