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Melanie W (East/West Models Agency) from AFDB Castings- she was one of my favourite models of the day!

Having recently done the model castings as Head Stylist for the AFDB Runway and with it being Fashion Week, A/W 13; here are my model casting tips for new models who wish to walk the runway-

  • Come to your casting on time I cannot stress this enough, with a fashion show there is so much to coordinate due to the various teams involved; so it’s important that models can show they know how to be punctual.
  • Confirm the address of the casting  with your agency– this is somewhat linked to my first point, as not knowing where your casting is beforehand, will inevitably make you late for your casting.
  • Bring something to read, eat or/and drink– castings tend to lead to long waiting times so ensure you bring something to read, eat or/and drink to keep your spirits up.
  • Come with a nude G String– sometimes at castings, you may be given some of the designer’s clothes to try on.  Sometimes, these outfits can be on the revealing side, so it’s best to bring a nude G string.
  • Bring a pair of stiletto heels– this is because you will be told to do a trial walk for the casting team, and they will want to see how you walk in stiletto heels.  My advice is that you watch endless re-runs of Naomi Campbell on the runway and practice, practice, practice.
  • Come with a good attitude– so many models don’t realise that a  casting is an interview.  You are there not only to show your great face and body, but to illustrate to the production team that you are a good person to add to the team.  For e.g. at the castings, there was a very charming, stylish model who in my opinion, was too short for the show and her face did not quite fit with the project- but she was so entertaining and lively that I found myself rooting for her to the very end of the selection process.
  • Be ready to model ‘outside the box’– At the castings, I asked all the models to give me two ‘model poses’ for me to photograph- a serious and a fun one.  For me, the real tester was to see how the models used their initiative with their ‘fun’ poses; and the ones who put some effort into the latter got high recommendations for me when selection time came.