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Last week I had the pleasure of working with two Berlin-based models for a German print magazine.  I love to soak up what models are wearing before I put them in press clothes, because I find it interesting to see what impact the seasonal trends have on them and to see how good they are in putting bits and bobs together.

On this occasion, I was impressed by the natural style of both girls who came from Seeds Management.

Natalia Izaio

Trend- Statment Knitwear Accessories and Retro 60s Style

Here Natalia illustrates how to do the Perfect Winter Body Proportion Balancing Act. She balances her puffy puffer jacket by wearing opaque tights to allow for a slimmer silhouette. By doing this, her slender frame is not lost:

028I adored her embellished woolen hat (in the 90s this would have been referred to as, Bling, Bling knitwear), its detailing like this that can add pizzazz to essential winter layering:

031When she took her jacket of, she revealed a very cute 60s inspired, timeless A-line dress which she purchased from H & M:


Josefin Herrmann

Trend- Leather and ‘My Boyfriend’s in a Band’ style

Here Josefin is modelling the go-to colour in winter- Black:

034036These H & M leather shorts are to die for, and I love the way Joanna artfully matched them with a non-fussy shirt and tights which brings down their raunch factor whilst still showing a good dosage of Rock n Roll sex appeal-

040I also liked the carefree way she tucked her shirt- little details like this can make a big difference to one’s overall look and the message they send to others.  I like to think this particular detail tells the world, ‘I like to Rock n roll with the flow…’

042039Brava Ladies!