Due to the growing comments I get from my male friends about my blog which always go down the, ‘Biki, I like your blog but the articles are more geared towards women’ route; I have decided to make more of an effort with my blog to make it more male-focused.  And it is to that end that I decided to take some pictures of my friend, Marijo Konstantinović, who was not only blessed with a face to launch a gazillion ships but who also designs menswear, under the label name, MeJuYuJu.

One of the great things I love about living in Berlin is the fact that I have made good friends with people who are working within the creative spectrum, who I can share my love of clothes design, style and photography with. So for the next few weeks I intend to focus on each and every one of them.

This week I am focusing on Marijo, I recently took a series of pictures at his place to showcase his handiwork and this week I am going to start with my favourite design he made which he is looking to sell at the moment, that goes by the tantalising name, Hanuma:

I just adore the colours and print of this Japanese, floral print, hooded pull over, and the fabulous neon lamé lining, makes it a unique piece indeed.

I also like the way Marijo used classic Japanese fabric to make a streetwear-inspired piece.  If I had this top, I would hang it somewhere I could see it daily because I feel the print could pass of as a painting.

In my opinion, Hanuma is a unisex piece of clothing but I would much rather see a man pulling this top of than a woman, because I love to see men wear clothes that show they are not afraid of colour and print.

When I asked Marijo where he found this great fabric, he told me that he found it in an abandoned warehouse, aaaaah so Berlin…

044…and yes the clothes came of because Sex Sells, so make orders and/or enquiries to buy this pullover N.O.W.