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I go through moments in time when I really have to search and fight to be inspired.  Due to my current workload, I feel I don’t have the time to do nearly as much research and reading as I would like to. And as for traveling, my wallet chirps to me daily- Forget It Baby.

This is where, Stylelikeu comes in, I really don’t know what I would have done without this site, which does all the above work for me.

Although the below ladies hail from all parts of the globe- North England, New York and Malaysia, I feel what ties them all together is their dedication to their mish-mash, melting pot style-


I love the way Yuna represents her Muslim culture and tradition by owning a rainbow assortment of turbans which reaffirmed my decision to check out my local fabric store to buy some more turban fabrics.  I told you I was going through a turban phase didn’t I?

Maluca Mala

I find this New York lady very funny and charismatic; and I’d love to party with her.  How amazing are those culottes?

Terry Lovette

I relate so much to this woman, its redunkulous.  From her comment about family, mastering emotional detachment to the reason why she uses hair extensions, its not because she loves hair extensions, but because she must have ‘change’.


Natalia Kills

I love her sculptured, textured black pieces, her statement gold jewellery and her modern interpretation of Cleopatra’s makeup. And those curved, vertiginous heels, W.O.W: