Last week Friday, I went to the Face Of Africa Germany show.  It was a bit of rushed event for me as I had a date that same evening (uh-huh, that’s right), anyhoo, I did my best in whizzing around taking pictures before the show, when the show started I tried to take in as much as I could and then off I went into the night.  I must apologise for the quality of the images and lighting but you get the gist…

027031021022020Ladies and Gentleladies, we now interrupt this Stylish Display to show you some scrumptious nibbles, hmmmm, yummmm…

010011007018017And now back to Style:

024???????????????????????????????033??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????036038039042My favourite part of the evening was taking pictures of this Lil’ Pretty Lady.  Isn’t her hair style fab?:

047048For me, it was a Black and Gold affair: