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If you know me and followed my blog last year during summer, you will know that I am all about Cornrows.  Let me take you back to some of my favourite cornrow hairstyles from last summer:

There was this style:



Then this:

cornrows3I gave an ode to the old Alicia Keys with this style:



With each hairstyle I was instrumental in instructing where every plait and bead were placed. So now you get it, I love cornrowsAnd now, back to Sara Mathiasson, some of you might be wondering if cornrows can be avant-garde.  Well, the Oxford Dictionary describes avant-garde as:

New and experimental ideas and methods in art, music, or literature’.

And if this hairstyle by the Swedish artist isn’t an ‘experimental’ expression of art, then I don’t know what is:

cr2cr1And like a true artist, she names all her creations, the above is called: Maimuna.

Here are a few of her masterpieces I love, starting with this fabulous makeshift Wedding hat. Can’t you just see Gaga sporting this?




cr5Ma Binta


cr8Wow right?  I would love to see Sara’s work during fashion week on many a top model’s head. After all if Charlie le Mindu became high fashion’s go-to hairstylist for his ‘haute coiffure’ styles, many of which illustrated experimental creations of wigs and hair extensions, so should Sara.


Charle Le Mindu Work, Katehutchinson.co.uk

About Sara

sara1Growing up as a child, Sara’s mother braided her hair and this sparked her fascination in African cornrow hairstyles.  However, it was not until she braided her friend’s hair for fun two years ago and the friend loved it so much that she jokingly pleaded that Sara had to braid ’50 more’ (which inspired the title of her blog, One Girl Fifty Braidings), that Sara began thinking she could convert her passion into a career.

Utterly inspired and motivated, the Berliner decided to hone her craft by getting her training where the technique originated from-Africa.  She attended The Gaye Njorro School of Hairdressing and Beauty Cosmetology in Gambia and after finishing her training; she put it to good use doing a one year internship in Dakar, Senegal.

Sara now works full time at Eveline’s Afro Beauty Salon in Berlin.

To see more of Sara’s work and contact details, go to  http://onegirlfiftybraidings.tumblr.com/

All pictures-otherwise stated- are the property of Sara.