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I love being photographed.  I can’t express how much.  It’s not because I think I look particularly stunning in them; I am yet to perfect my ‘Blogger’s Pout’, you know the one I mean!

I just love the dance that happens in front of a camera, sometimes its a funny dance, it can be seductive, awkward… If I was going to wax lyrical this Friday, I would go on to add that I love the way the camera has the power to capture and freeze a moment in time, which you can look back on for years to come.

Last week, I was approached by Berlin 111- a small and growing project that photographs, ‘creative & interesting people in Berlin’, and hosts various music events in the city.  I was told it would not be a ‘big deal’, the images were just for fun and the pictures would be taken on a phone.

Still I dressed to impress and had a lot of fun as you can see:

biki berlinJumpsuit: Topshop, Belt, Bolero, Necklace, Bracelets & Gloves: Vintage, Earrings: Claire’s Accessories, Boots: Aaaargh! Don’t remember!

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