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The weather took a dip in Berlin, and it looked like Spring was all but a dream, but then I woke up to blues skies today and exhaled a sigh of relief!  It’s amazing just how much the weather can change your mood and perception.

I recently bought this Floral number from the Peekaboo section in Topshop, Oxford Circus: ???????????????????????????????I feel so intensely feminine when I wear this dress.  It’s probably the most Girlie Girl dress I own!  The fabricator and jewellery are my Mama’s: I love to raid her closet!

This dress is the Perfect Dress for curvy or full-figured women as its 50’s sihouette means that it nips in at the waist and then flares out loosely downwards: thus effortlessly covering a multitude of sins!  Consequently, it is best accessorized with a Belt that means BusinessHigh heels would also punctuate the outfit nicely.  I’ve been wearing flats for years now, but I have to be honest when I wear this dress, I feel the need for vertiginous heels!

???????????????????????????????Don’t you feel that certain dresses make you more mindful of the way you stand, sit and walk?  When I wear this dress I want to take notes from Grace Kelly on the Perfect Poise.

097I love a dress, that gives Good Twirl and when I wear this dress I feel like swirling and dancing like Rita Hayworth does at the beginning of this video in that goooorgeous chiffon green number: