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I stumbled across Sara Golish’s latest series, Moondust- an ode to Afrofuturism and natural hair-and I was so captivated by the Canadian artist’s work, that I decided to learn more about her.



The Ontario College of Art & Design graduate’s work is rich with a melting pot of influences which include a love of Black North American culture and the 70s.  In fact, the 70s is an era that Sara is utterly enamoured with.  The music, vinyl records and their album covers, rollerskating, the iconic hues, the design sense, the cars and the photography: are all sources of inspirational for Sara.

I am currently searching for some African-inspired paintings for my flat and I am utterly in love with Sara’s work in this area and what she had to say to Canada Arts Connect about her inspiration, ‘I would like to bring an awareness and appreciation to the power and beauty women behold, particularly women of colour. I find it astonishing we still live in a world where mainstream beauty is for the most part defined as one shape, one shade and one age group. From what I can see, it seems as though there is a slow shift taking place and correcting this long-standing standard of what defines beauty. If there’s anything I hope my art does, it is that it brings a new, positive ideal into the forefront sooner than later.’


The Toronto based artist’s accomplishments so far include a BFA in 2008 for Drawing & Painting, acquiring the Eric Freifeld Award for ‘Proficiency in draughtsmanship, to name but a few.  She has worked on high-end residential, corporate and retail interior design projects for places in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Sarasota and Barbados.


How great are these illustrations?  I love how they depict the different styles a black woman can style her hair naturally: Bantu knots, corn rows with beads, Statement Afro, TWA…My wish is to have the entire Moondust series hanging in my hallway, and I’m going to work towards this!

All illustrations featured are from Sara’s Moondust series, to learn more about the collection and its creator: visit her site here.


Unless otherwise stated, all images are courtesy of 2dots-era.com