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On May 12th 2012, I wrote an article titled, ‘What’s It Like Being A Black Girl In Berlin?’

To date, this is one of the hardest articles I’ve written, I had to dip deep and it was extremely personal.  Due to the nature of the subject matter, I knew it would strike up some controversy, but really nothing could have prepared me for the mixed bag of feedback I got. What surprised me the most was getting negative feedback from the people I thought were closest to me at the time.

Two years plus later, I still stand by every word I wrote and that is why I get so happy when after all this time, I still get Comments (be it positive or negative) on the article.

As you’ve noticed, for the most part, I kinda tell it like it is and this is not a style to everybody’s liking.  I didn’t write this article for approval or validation, I wrote it to challenge stereotypes, make people reflect, say what a lot of people think but are afraid to say out loud…

This is why I love it when people get what I say and get ‘me’.  The below comment I received last Saturday, is all the fuel I need to keep on blogging.  To know I have made a positive impact on just one person’s attitude/life/way of seeing things due to my words and experiences- this is truly priceless and most soul rewarding!

Thanks so much for your insightful words Ayanda!

Ayanda said (word for word):

Hi! Sorry if this is late, but I just had to thank you for writing this blog! Your positive attitude is so refreshing and enlightened. There are so many blogs out there about being a black girl in Berlin that are very negative and it can get very discouraging reading such bad sentiments constantly. I’m glad to have stumbled on your blog – You make me excited to go over to Germany, to be open minded and to just have FUN! Plus, you’re such a lovely, stunning young woman! Subscribbeeddd!! ^.