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Oh yes it has, in the shape of the International Fashion Showcase 2015.  An initiative organised by the British Council and British Fashion Council.  IFS was launched in 2012 as a bid to celebrate London’s position as an international fashion city with a reputation for nurturing emerging talent. For the February edition, 30 countries will take part, with 110 designers from 4 continents.  Aaaaand, Nigeria made it on the list!

More specifically, 5 designers made it on the list- Grey, Kenneth Ize, I AM Isigo, T.I Nathan and Orange Culture.  Ps Grey is one of my new clients!

Anyhoo, I went to the opening party last night and felt a surge of pride as I walked round our concept space.  In the words of the Lagos Fashion Design Week statement put up, the Nigerian exhibition labelled as the ‘Metamorphosis’ is, ‘an experiment in time that admires both the naturally-subtle and wildly- obvious progressions in the trajectory of a designer’s fashion artistry.’

On a side note, I do have to say I was a tad puzzled and disappointed with the turn out- not of the event itself which was heaving- but with the scarcity of press in our section.  Where were the Nigerian/African/Whereever from editors, bloggers, PR’s et al?  I arrived at the event at around 8, the event ended at 9, maybe they all came and left earlier??  Hmmm, didn’t they know it was an Open Bar?!  I’m being flip but on serious note- where were they?  I understand that it can be hard to navigate with hundreds of parties going on all over London B-U-T…

The space was designed by Whitespace (Lagos-based agency), and from looking around at the scientific paraphernalia, Ebola was the theme/foundation that held the exhibition together.

???????????????????????????????009025Some of the pieces shown:

???????????????????????????????005The stylish guests in attendance:


Bubu from I Am Isigo


Bella from Blanck Magazine

Bella from Blanck Magazine

The IFS 2015 runs from 20th to 24th February 2015 and is open to the public.