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Yesterday, I coordinated and presented for Silverbird TV’s, London Fashion Week Special.  By the end of the day, I could barely walk due to 10 hours straight of standing, running around, interviewing etc, in fact: by the time my crew left the building, we had spent such a long time there, I felt like I was born at the location!

Here are my highlights from yesterday.


Finding out that the British Fashion Council crowned Nigeria with the Best Curator award at the IFS 2015.  Big congratulations to Curator Yegwa Ukpo (Stranger Concept Store, Lagos) for devising the concept and theme and Whitespace for the execution.  At the moment, when Nigeria is regarded and spoken about, it is often in a negative concept.  Personally speaking, I am either asked about Boko Haram or Ebola. So for Yegwa to turn the latter on its head and using creativity to flip a negative situation into a positive: it was ingenious!

I met Yegwa when I went home last Christmas and when we had a chat, I was blown away by how much he knew about the industry (both Nigerian and Internationally speaking), the creativity that unique kookiness that emnates from his store, his personal style (he loves to wear Yohji Yamamoto)…I could go on!  He is truly inspiring and funny to boot, and I’m so happy he won this acknowledgement for his craft.

– Getting my make up done by the awesome Becks Buki for the TV program.

– By midday of shooting, the Nigerian section turned into quite the impromptu Nigerian Fashion reunion and it was great to meet people from the ‘Old School’, I havn’t seen in years.

– Interviewing all my subjects for the TV Special, they all gave such interesting and varied responses to my questions and I can’t wait for the show to be aired!

– Stopping random people at the exhibition to ask fashion-related questions for the program.

-Filming with Camera Man- Adam Hedelin, it was my first time in front of the camera like this and he made me feel at ease.

– Finally meeting the talented photographer, Ade.  We have been FaceBooking for years and it was great to put a face to the dialogue.

– Realising that: Hey, I really enjoy TV Presenting!

Big Thanks to everyone who made filming possible yesterday for the Silverbird TV, LFW Special: Frank Lamm  (For recommending Adam), Adam Hedelin, Silverbird TV, British Council, Bella (BlancK Magazine), Kendall Robbins (BC), Rukky Ladoja (Grey), Kenneth Ize, Bubu (I Am Isigo), Ade (Photographer), Nibi (Apothecary), Ola and Becks Buki.

Rukky (Grey) and I

Rukky (Grey) and I

Rukky is wearing a fab jaquard kimono from her own designs.  Did I mention I’m doing her London PR?

Rukky, Kenneth Ize and Bubu (I Am Isigo)

Rukky, Kenneth Ize and Bubu (I Am Isigo)

bikibukibikibuki1bikibuki2??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????043What Am I Wearing?: Pendant necklace, rings, earrings (H&M)- if you like In Yer Face costume jewellery, head to H & M: they are KILLING the game.  Kimono Dress (Isi Brown Lagos): one of my fav Nigerian dresses, when I wear it, I feel like a WO!!Man.  It looks all covered up, but don’t be deceived, when you walk or sit, the dress slit parts way to reveal a LOT of leg! Headpiece (random store in Berlin), Shoes (MiuMiu), Leaf Bracelet (random store in Lagos).