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Hello all, how was your long Easter weekend?  Isn’t it sad it’s all over, tsigh…

I feel I have to share that since I’ve been back in Nigeria, I’m enjoying going to church  a lot more.  Apart from the fact that I find the singing and Gospel sermon a lot more lively than I did in my former London church; I looove to observe how the ladies here dress to Praise The Lord. No be small ting O, in Lagos, the walk to the altar is like a runway and you best come correct.

I still haven’t adjusted to all the Church Razzle & Dazzle, but I have my Ma to bring me up to speed.  Here is what she wore to mass last week:


??????????I love the intricate detailing of her dress, the floral applique, the tassel rope detailing on shoulder, the regal combination of gold and white…it was made by her tailor…

015When I wanted to take picture of my Ma’s footwear, she screeched at me, ‘No Biki, these are my house slippers!!’  I just laughed, these bejewelled slippers are her ‘casual’ footwear.  I want to be like this when I’m older, Glamour All The Way Baby…

Yesterday, although it was Easter Holiday Monday, there was no rest for the wicked and I went to Silverbird TV studios to do more production work on the Fashion Special show I’m making with them. I decided to don a maxi dress that would make one think of sandy white beaches, aquamarine waters and Tropical Punch!

??????????????????????????????I’m really into statement rings right now. My snake one is by H & M, I collect Snake Accessories, and was happy to add it to my reptile pile!  The ring on the left is my Ma’s, I borrowed slash stole it!

??????????Dress and earrings: H& M

What do you think of Lulu Lola?  That’s what I call this wig by the way! Here is what she looks like when I lay her down:

007And now to discussing Settling: I don’t know if its the same for most of you, but I’ve found that as I grow older and gain more knowledge of what I want and where I want to head in life, I tend not to make many compromises with regards to who I let and keep in my life socially. Putting it bluntly, I have a low bullshit threshold. However, I’m new to Lagos and can’t approach cultivating friendships with guns blazing.

With that in mind, fast forward to me having a conversation with my Ma about a guy I was trying to befriend.  He had made a few irritating comments one of which was, ‘I hate it when you try to act like you’re not Nigerian’ (a statement I’ll HAVE to dissect at another time, but till then bear in mind the guy has met me all of 4 times in this lifetime).  Anyhoo, I was asking my ma for advise on whether it was time to start-accidentally, on purpose- ignoring his messages/calls.  My ma suggested that due to me social position (or lack thereof), it was worth pursuing the ‘shadows’ of a possible friendship with the dude.  In my opinion, to some degree she advised me to settle.

Had she given me this advice in Berlin, I would not have followed it as I have enough friends in either city to not suffer fools lightly- however Lagos is another story.  To make a long story not very long: I followed her advice, and as you can guess it was to my detriment.  However, the experience has made me stronger and I’ll be raising my bullshit threshold,that much higher!

When was the last time you settled or compromised on your values?  And how was it to your detriment? Do tell, I’d love to know!