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Yesterday evening, I had a delightful First Date wiiiiiith- A GIRL!  About two months ago, I met the lovely Anna at a YAP & E networking event and we spoke for a few minutes before she had to leave.  Liking her vibe, I took her details before she headed out the door.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later, we arranged to meet up after work.  I suggested the ‘Bar, Grill & Tea Room’: Art Cafe because although I’d never been to it before, I was intrigued by its name and had seen some cool pics of it on a blog.

Upon, arriving at the restaurant, my eyes were immediately drawn to the graffiti painted on the corner of its entrance.

??????????With regards to my experience at the Art Cafe in general, I’ll definitely have to visit the eatery again so I can investigate every nook and cranny.  As the title of my post indicates, I was on a ‘first date’, so it was not the time to wander through the restaurant, taking pictures et al.  I did love the fact that the cafe had what they call an ‘outdoor oasis’ and I look forward to munching and drinking there after the Lagos unforgiving sun has set.

In summary, I liked the kooky ‘thrown together’ decor of the cafe and the warm earthy colour palette; it reminded me of a restaurant I would stumble upon in Berlin…

013????????????????????At a quick glance at the menu, I saw Art Cafe served a range of coffees and teas (including organic), homemade baked goods (hhmmm, Banana Cake!) and a bevvy of sandwiches, baguettes and toasties.

But back to my date, because she plays a large factor in why I enjoyed my first visit to the vibrant restaurant so much.  You know sometimes, you really want to go to an event or place, but then you mistakenly invite the wrong person and you spend the evening mentally stapling pins into his/her head?  Luckily, this was not the case for me last night.  Anna came to our date at the proper time and not Nigeria time (YAH!) and we proceeded to have a good chin wag for well over two hours.

In fact as she made me laugh for the upteenth time, I couldn’t help thinking- why it so hard to find the male equivalent of ‘Anna’ in Lagos??!  True, it was my second time of meeting her but from our chats and what I could see: she’s stunning, well spoken, funny, intelligent, career-driven: so much so, that she left her job to start her own global consulting business for non-profit organizations.  She’s also a huge fan of the Disney Princesses, and I love to hear quirky facts like that about people because I love to slip into that whimsical childlike realm…especially when life in Lagos is always there to bitchslap you back into reality.

Seeing how effortlessly stylish she looked last night as she sipped her tea, I asked if I could take some pics and she consented.  That made me like her even more, as I enjoy people’s company when they like to get involved/into the swing of things.

028??????????How lovely is the print on her form-fitting pencil dress?  If that’s not great 9 to 5 Work Style, I don’t know what is!

034The streamlined dress was made for her by her tailor.  Note To Self: I need to get her tailor’s details…

Before we left the Art Cafe, I got Anna to take a picture of myself.  Of course.  You’ll see there are no wigs insight today.  Yesterday, an aunt of mine saw my hair and remarked on how the sides were looking much better, so that and the fact that it was Too Damn Hot yesterday, encouraged me let my TWA fly!

??????????To round of this article, I urge those of you who have moved recently to Lagos and are looking for new ways to meet people to go for the networking events hosted by YAP & E.  That’s how I met Anna, and I owe the Founder a big Thank You.

I also urge you to pop into Art Cafe next time you’re feeling peckish, desert thirsty or just want to be surrounded by fab art whilst listening to soothing music.  I’m definitely going to take another trip there, the place has Retro Lagos Meets Vintage Mississippi In A Brooklyn Alleyway styled fashion shoot all over it!

Art Cafe: 282 Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

My Clothes Credits: White lace top- Topshop, Midi Skirt- Peekaboo Vintage, Accessories- Vintage, Shoes: Prada