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Hey Everyone, its been a while!  I’ve been a No-Show in the Blogosphere these past few weeks because I was putting my all into my fashion program so it could be ready to air this week.  And people, it was a loooot of production work: I never dreamt it would take so much work- from assisting the editor in choosing the right clips, to scripting the voice-over and then working with the design team on the Promo image, organising the promotion schedule with Silverbird’s radio and TV team and then composing a press release for press… you get the picture?  That’s why I took a leave of absence from the Blogging World.

But now, I’m ready to give birth and here’s the ‘scan shot’ of my baby.  What do you think?

stv promo pressI have to give a Special Thanks to The Fashion Engineer, for promoting the premier of my show on her blog.  The Fashion Engineer is one of the leading fashion and beauty blogs in this side of the continent, the fab lady behind it is called Sayedero Enytan.  She and her blog appear in about every ‘Top 10 Fashion Blog’ list in Nigeria.  I’ve followed her blog for years and its great when you can form a relationship with a fellow blogger and they support you in this way.

I’d also like to extend a Big Thanks to another heavy-hitting fashion and lifestyle blog, OnoBello,com, for promoting my program on their Go-To platform. I’m deeply honoured and grateful for their support to raise maximum awareness for my baby.

For all of you based in Nigeria, I hope you get to watch the program.  And for everyone else, I am working with STV to upload the Fashion Special on YouTube, so you’ll all have the opportunity to watch it.  WOOP!! WOOP!!

Have a good week!