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One of the reasons I set up my blog was to offer a consulting service to advise people who had both industry and fashion/style-related questions Consequently, I was mighty pleased when a friend from Berlin sent me a message on Facebook asking…


Hello Biki

I’m having a Style Crisis, maybe you can help me? I´m looking for colourful African-inspired print trousers but I can’t find them anywhere in Berlin, not even on the internet.

Do have any idea where I could find African batik print trousers online?

Ps I love the below Prints!

gernot1Kisses from Berlin



Hey Gideon

First of all thanks for reaching out to ask me this question, I had a lot of fun doing the research!

It turns out that a lot of the online African-inspired stores that deliver to Europe (Berlin) like Agnes & Lola, Myasho.com and Zuvaa.com target women with their products.  However, I did find one store in particular (with London Headquarters) that sells some great Menswear African-inspired prints: Ohema Ohene.

ohema2Set up in 2008, Ohema Ohene (meaning Queen and King in the Ghanaian language of Twi) was set up by London-based founder, Abeena Pokuaa.  The brand’s signature style is to fuse African batik prints with a British edge.

oheme5Having perused their online store, they have a good selection of menswear clothing, including accessories and footwear.  Prices range from about £20 (for accessories mainly) to £240 (for menswear clothing).

oheme4Ohema Ohene are currently having a sale which extends to their Menswear Trousers Section, so head to their e-store and get Clicking!

Biki xx

I really do enjoy using my years of working in the fashion industry and accumulating all sorts of fashion-related knowledge to help and advise people in this manner, so keep the questions coming!

Have a good week! Bisous