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Hey everyone, I’m in such a good mood! My spirits began to climb the Zenith Ladder when I loosened my big braids and almost collapsed with relief to see my hairline hadn’t taken a beating (like it did in December when I did a braided faux-Mohawk); in fact, my hair grew a little.  To fully appreciate its little growth, you have to see its length in Feb 2015:

bikibuki1And now it looks like this WITHOUT me blow-drying it:

afro4I would love to blow-dry my hair to see how long it really is, but blow-dryers are to me what kryptonite is to Superman, except instead of me losing my super powers, I lose major chunks of hair! Ps I will be writing an article along the lines of, ‘The (Extremely!!) Lazy Girl’s Guide Of Growing Your Hair & Hairline’.

afro1Ok so that’s one reason why I am in a good mood, the other is I just came back from a sunny brunch with the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Berlin-based, Superior magazine.  I’ve done freelance editorial work for a couple of Berlin-based mags, and just like Goldilocks it took quite a while for me to find my ‘fit’. So far, I enjoy my working relationship with Tom/Superior as we are both interested in the promotion of African Fashion.

During our meeting, Tom asked me to cover Africa Fashion Day Berlin’s exhibition during Berlin Fashion Week S/S 16, which will be presented at the longstanding Premium Trade Show Event.  I will go into more detail about this later…

Now back to me! All you Personal Style bloggers out there that have your husbands, friends and/or minions that are available, camera in hand, ready to take pictures of what you are wearing, I say: How Bloody Lucky Are You?!  I haven’t been thus blessed, so I had to use the opportunity of my meeting with Tom to get snapped in some of my favourite accessories (at the moment!).

afro5All my rings are from H&M, they are having a sale at the moment.  If you are into Statement Rings I suggest you go, Pronto!  You see my diamante ear cuff in the first picture? I am obsessed with them at the moment and I love wearing them to accessorize my TWA, which is kind of Haha Funny, as I bought the little gem in Accessorize.

afro2But my favourite of all of my accessories are my African-inspired Circle Batik Print Necklace and Earrings.  I got them from a fab store in Lagos called, Quintessence.

Yesterday I met up with a friend of mine who will be giving me cooking lessons (Oh Yes!) and he also sells vintage pieces(via his label Just Landed).  After our meeting, we went to his warehouse were I picked up this Lemon Yellow lace blouse.  I love how Summery Fresh it makes me feel, so much so, that as Berlin is experiencing a rare ‘Summer’s Day’: I paired with my African-batik print skirt.

afro3And now back to you: how is your week going? Have you purchased anything recently that puts a Summer Spring in your step? Is your hair causing you woe or joy at the moment? Do Tell, I’d love to know!