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My last Aso-Ebi post is still one of my highest read posts, so I’ll be doing a Short Series with the same running theme.  And without further-ado, let the Glamourzans pave the way:

Couture Naija

asoebi3Pretty In Pink

asoebi6Group Glamour



PYT (Pretty Young Thing)

asoebi8Red & Gold



Sweet Velvetine

asoebi14All White

asoebi21See how my ladies just dey shine shine, no be small ting O! Doing research on this series always makes me so happy, the Eye Candy whets my sartorial appetite to no end! I love the attention to detail these Glamourzans put into their ensembles: the shade of eyeshadow, co-ordinated accessories…actually lets pause on the Accessories: how inspired are you by what you see above? I know I am!

So who gets your vote?  It’s a tough one but I am going for Couture Naija: I adore the detailing, the fit, the sculpted top, the bejewelled collar top that trails down her bodice….Just Fab!

Anyhoo, that’s my favourite, how about you? Who is your Aso-Ebi Queen?