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Berlin Fashion Week ran from Monday 6th July to Friday 10th July 2015.  I didn’t attend any of the shows but I was all about the parties.  When I moved from London to Berlin, I had to change my expectations drastically when it came to fashion parties.  In London, I got used to attending parties full of fashion professionals and celebrities.  Goodie bags and free drinks were also a given.  In Berlin, due to lack of a ‘Ballers’ Budget’, things happen on a much smaller scale.

Nevertheless, I do still enjoy going to Berlin fashion parties. This week, I had an event every evening.  I didn’t end up going to each one but here are the ones I made it to:


WHO? Founded six years ago by David Kurt Karl Roth as part of his final university thesis; he started the blog due to the lack of ‘good men’s fashion blogs out there’. Two years later after David set up the blog, Carl Jakob Haupt joined in on the mix, and since then the Talented Duo pretty much rule the Berlin fashion scene.

WHEN? Monday, 6th July 2015

WHERE? Surprise Club, Potsdamer Strasse 84

135HIGHLIGHTS? Dandy Diary parties are one of the most, if not the most popular party during Berlin Fashion Week. Both the Guest List and Regular People queues often run from the velvet rope to Calcutta.  My friend and I rocked up about half an hour after the start time, and the lines were already curving round street corners in a snake-like fashion.  But luckily, she had contacts with an initiative called Afro Fashion Week Berlin.  Anyhoo, to make a long story not very long, my mate, I and about 20 people from Afro Fashion Week Berlin were all allowed to saunter in.  I’m telling you, it was probably the first time in history that being black played to our advantage when entering a club!

Other highlights included free drinks for the first hour, the Afro Pop music and the makeshift street party that happened outside the club.  That was actually my best part of the party, dancing in the fresh air on the streets!

134LOWLIGHTS? The venue got too insanely hot for me.  As the Dandy Diary parties are always heavily attended, I’d advise the organisers of the party to choose a much bigger venue in the future.


131That night, I just wanted to have ‘fun with fashion’, hence the clashing of prints and colour. 

Skirt: Peekaboo Vintage, Top: TeenyBopper Shop in Port Harcourt, Belt: Port Harcourt Boutique, Turban: Random London Street Seller.


WHO? Since the launch of Patrick Mohr’s eponymous label in 2009, the Berlin-based designer has become well-known for his unisex fashion collections.  And well, SpongeBob is SpongeBob…

142WHEN? Wednesday, 8th July 2015

WHERE? Prince Charles, Prinzenstrasse 85F

145HIGHLIGHTS? The music and befriending a rather charming barman who gave my friends and I a lot of complimentary shots.

LOWLIGHTS? Ok, so when I heard the ‘SpongeBob’ tag attached to this party, I thought, ‘Hello Budget’, because I assumed Patrick had teamed with Nickelodeon TV (The TV network where SpongeBob lives). Therefore, I was disappointed  to see no free drinks and SpongeBob blow up toys dotted around the venue. Hellooooo, we are adults here, we want SpongeBob Goody Bags at the very least!

150(PS How cool are my friend’s SpongeBob shoes?)


148Yep, I did a total fashion faux-pas- I repeated most of my ensemble from Monday’s Party! I am all about remixing an outfit, and here, I changed my headgear, top and (some!) accessories and Hey Presto- my outfit was rejigged.


WHO? Premium is a mainstay of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin and the world’s only fair that presents fashion and lifestyle products of the high-end segment in a large size and quality.

008WHEN? Thursday, 9th July 2015

WHERE? Praegewerk, Judenstrasse 2

HIGHLIGHTS? Free drinks alllll night, Hello Budget!

009LOWLIGHTS? To borrow the description used by a guest that night, the venue was ‘stressful’.  I didn’t care for it, too many winding staircases, too many rooms…majorly overwhelming, especially as it seemed like the whole of Berlin was in there.  However by 1pm things calmed down drastically and I could exhale and enjoy myself.



005By Thursday, I really had to draaag myself to go out.  I was beyond exhausted, so to cheer myself up I adorned my hair with butterflies…

Dress: Asos

Which is your favourite outfit guys?