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If you read my blog often, you’ll know that I’m all about Affordable Statement Necklaces. I want a necklace that enters the room before I do (so to speak) and packs a visual punch.  This is why I’m incredibly happy about Tessies giving me this fab ‘Look At Me’ necklace from their eye-catching jewellery collection.

003First things first, this necklace retailing at £11.99 is not for The Wallflower type, it’s enriched with lots of detailing, layers, embellishment and for me, that just adds to its distinct charms.

014I chose to dress the necklace down by pairing it with an African batik print dress and for those who like their Casual Daywear tweaked with accessories, this is the perfect necklace for that.  Can’t you just see this necklace looking divine on a simple fitted white vest and skinny jeans? Maybe throw on a beige trench coat for good measure and some stratospheric heels? And with Festival Vibes still thick in the air, and us girlies (secretly)trying to out-do each other in the Style Stakes, this ‘Globetrotter-esque’ piece will set you ahead of the pack.


032039The necklace’s heavy gold detailing also make it ideal for a balmy summer’s evening event: perhaps to a dinner, concert, ball: the options are limitless.

3 Tips When Wearing A Statement Necklace

1) Let the necklace take center stage and play things down with your other accessories.  In these images, as you can see, I’m still wearing a lot of accessories, but none of them are fashioned on a scale as large as my necklace.

2) Pick one strong theme from the Statement Necklace and build on it. So for example, I chose to run with my necklace’s gold theme which resulted in all my accessories having a golden tone to unify the look.

3) Ensure the outfit you wear compliments your statement necklace.  For example, due to the World Traveller Meets Tribal Queen In Blingdom feel of my necklace, I decided to go with an outfit with strong African/Ethnic themes.

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030About Tessies.co.uk

Founder Nicola Gibbons originally studied Psychology and upon realising she wanted to work in a creative field, she went on to enroll on a fashion degree.  Upon completing her fashion studies, driven by a passion to work for herself in a creative environment: Nicola set up Tessies in 2009 in Hull’s Newland Avenue.  Fast forward the years and the brand has branched out to include, ‘an ever evolving independently treasure trove of clothing, jewellery and accessories.’