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I have some pretty stylish friends in Berlin, they don’t follow fashion necessarily, but they each have their own unique way of expressing themselves visually.  I find them pretty inspiring and decided to share their style and beauty looks with you; along the way, I added a few Summer Style Tips: Enjoy!

Prints and Top Knot Bun

For those boiling hot days, why not pile your hair up stylishly in a top knot bun?  Keep things light and breezy with a lightweight long vest.  Loosely fitted ethnic-print trousers like these are timeless and comfortable, just perfect for summer.

044045Old Hollywood Summer Glam

Want to hit the beach looking like an actress from an Old Hollywood movie? Cinch a long kimono at the waist with a skinny belt, slap on some statement red lippy and retro sunglasses.  You’re good to fabulously go.

berlinstyle10White T and Blue Denim Jeans Remixed

Give this classic look a twist by wearing a white vest and jazz it up with statement ’80s-inspired’ jewellery.  If you’ve got summer-white airy shoes like Ms M’s, go for it!

045Black, Dark and Interesting, Part Une

Who says you can’t wear a black maxi for those balmy summer nights? Just keep things interesting with ‘In Your Face’ makeup and a slick hairdo.

berlinstyle2Black, Dark and Interesting, Part Deux

Going all black? Stay noticeable in the crowd, with a few choice Head-Turning Accessories. Ps Do Ignore The Idiot Photo Bomber Behind Her Tryna Eff Up Ma PhotoFlow!!

005Tribal Glam

You didn’t think I wouldn’t include myself did you? Yes, sometimes I do inspire myself! Ha! Here’s my take on how to add some Gla-MOREEE! to tribal-inspired pieces.


055I  bought my Print Crop from a Teeny Bopper store when I was in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. As I was buying it some Pre-Teens came up to me and said, ‘Hello Ms Biki…’ They were students from the school I work in.  I couldn’t stop laughing…if that’s not proof that I’m Young At Heart, I don’t know what is!! PS the incident also reminded me of the SATC episode where Samantha has to do PR for a Rich Bitch Teen…you know the one where the SATC ladies look at the Rich Bitch Teen Crew and say how they dress and speak like them…That’s the world we live in, but I digress…

Cleavage and Skinny Denim

I love my gay friends in Berlin, that sounds kinda crass but there it is. If you’ve got it, flaunt it as my mate is doing here with a ‘Grrrrr’ low neck vest and tight-ass stonewashed jeans. Head Antlers Optional.

berlinstyle1Who’s That Girl?

Now this is cheating a bit, I don’t actually know this Foxy Thang, she came to a party of mine and is a Friend of a Friend. That kinda counts, doesn’t it? Whatever. I adore her style. And the Summer Equation appears to be, African-inspired print skirt + Fiery Braids + Trainers = Heady Summer Style Mix.

103What I love about these images is none of these friends work in fashion, their style is inspired by culture, music, film, life…Which is your favourite look? Do tell I’d love to know!