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Hello Biki

I have a few music festivals lined up in the UK this summer and was wondering what you reckon I should wear?




Hi Leeza

Thanks for reaching out.  There’s a lot to love about summer music festivals: watching your favourite bands perform live, spending quality time with friends, making new ones… however, due to all the fashion press music festivals get these days, one has to be careful not to end up looking like a Festival Cliche.

Also, with the unpredictability of UK weather, if you don’t come with the proper attire, your festival time can turn into quite the nightmare.  Below are my recommendations; I’ve also attached pictures so you have an idea on how to style the pieces. 

Have fun at your festivals!


To Keep You Looking Cool And Practical:

Dress: Whether its short, maxi or midi; keep the summer spirit alive with bold prints and ‘Look At Me’ hues.

festival3Shorts: If you’ve got the legs, flaunt them in a pair of summer shorts.  Denim, cotton, corduroy, crochet…ahhh, choices, choices…



Rain Boots: Yes pack your trainers and flip flops, but don’t forget your waterproof boots (e.g. Wellies) ’cause the last thing you’ll want when the heavens open and pour is to be traipsing round the fields in squelchy wet footwear!



Statement T/Crop Top/Vest: Here is a good time to show you’re ‘With The Band’ (well in your dreams anyway).  Try walking on the wild side with Rock n Roll Statement T’s.



Leggings/Tights: Worn on their own or under shorts/dresses etc, these are a good alternative to jeans, and quicker to dry should they get wet under that blasted rain.  Also when the weather drops at night, you’ll be happy you packed’ em.



Oversized Flannel shirt/denim shirt/jumper…: Worn over a T or a vest, tied high at the midriff or low round the waist, these are essential pieces for your Layered Festival Look.



Statement Hair Accessories: Floral crowns, floppy hats, caps, sunglasses…there is so much to play around with here.

Outerwear: Whatever you do, pack a lighweight Mac/parker/biker jacket/army jacket etc to protect you from the elements.  Scarves are also a good idea, as  you can whip them round your neck or fashion stylishly on your head.

The 2013 Glastonbury Festival - Day 1 - Backstage Featuring: Solange Knowles Where: Pilton, United Kingdom When: 28 Jun 2013 Credit: WENN.com

 Are any of you going to any festivals this summer? If so, where? And even if you are not, what would you love to wear to a summer music festival?