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Hey Everyone, I’ve been M.I.A from the blogosphere for a while.  As the filming date for my Silverbird TV (STV) Show draws nigh, my blogging will be more sporadic, but I’ll always come back. Between organising and shooting my TV Promo Images, working with STV’s Head of Marketing, liasing with the cameraman, trying to find a model to feature for the show, writing the script for the show, doing work for the school and then dealing with L.I.F.E, sheeeeeeEEET…

Now back to the Topic At Hand, recently I was the Style Consultant for a friend of mine- Ernest O Look- who has set up a casual wear line, ‘Ernest Look’.  To launch his online shop, he organised a shoot featuring male models and a female model wearing his custom-made T-Shirts.  As the models would be wearing his T’s incorporated with their clothes, part of my job as Style Consultant was to send mood board images and text to the team illustrating the various ways his T’s could be incorporated with smart and casual ensembles.

Strictly speaking, my To-Do list was overflowing but what really convinced me to do the shoot was the female model-Lisa aka Leeza- is a close friend of mine.  I love to do photo shoots with close friends and such opportunities come so rarely, that when they do, I’m on it!

With regards to the Menswear, my favourite look was the look modelled by one of the male models, Noah.  For one of his looks, I was inspired by this particular image I found online:

Blazer and Shorts Menswear Trend

ernest2I can’t tell you how much I adore this look and the model (that ‘caveman’ beard with that artfully messy ponytail…it really inspires me to do a menswear ‘Summer Tailoring’ shoot…but I digress…)

So imagine my delight when Noah told me that seeing this image, he was inspired to go to H & M and buy this blazer and shorts:

ernest10ernest7He nailed it, right down to the notebook and errrrryTING!

Black Blazer with Trousers/Leggings Womenswear Trend

With Leeza, I liked the ‘No Nonesense Sexy Vibe’ of this image I saw online:

ernest22On the day, I styled her in this ensemble:

ernest12Fitted T and Pencil Skirt Womenswear Trend

For summer, you can’t go wrong with a chic pairing of a pencil skirt with a fitted T, punctuated with fab statement accessories.  Write that down.



ernest24On the day, I styled Leeza in these looks:



Photo by Philipp Primus

My favourite models together:

ernest17Random 80s Throwback Shot

If you’re a stylist, you know how it is: there are always looks you style on the day that weren’t on your mood board, on the day you get inspired and pull a look out of your ass…this was my hat/ass trick:

Photo by Philipp Primus

Photo by Philipp Primus

Photo by Philipp Primus

Photo by Philipp Primus

Crop Top and Ankara Print Skirt, Womenswear Trend

Since I discovered this image by Nigerian Style Maven, Folake Huntoon (Style Pantry), I’ve been longing to buy Ankara print material and get a midi skirt made.

Style Pantry

Style Pantry

And so I did, but I paired my Ankara skirt with a crop top and previewed the ensemble at the shoot:


My Credits: Skirt (custom made) Crop Top (Random Teeny Bopper shop in Port Harcourt), Belt (Port Harcourt Boutique), Necklace (H&M), Earrings (Gift), Bracelets (Vintage), Butterflies (Claire’s Accessories), Shoes (Faith).

Behind The Scenes Shots

L to R, Leeza, Moi and Designer, Ernest O Look

L to R, Leeza, Moi and Casual Wear Designer, Ernest O Look


L to R, Leeza, Ernest, Noah and Moi

All The Models Wearing Various Ernest Look T's

All The Models Wearing Various Ernest Look T’s

And with my girl,ernest18

It really was a great Berlin Day…weather was on point, and I was doing one of the things I love…

And back to you, which is/are your favourite trend/s here? What look would you wear or do you like men wearing? Do tell I’d love to know!