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Ladies and GentleLadies, Halloween is round the corner, this Sat 31st to be exact.  Consequently, you can’t go past a department store’s window without seeing a Halloween-inspired display.  Click on pretty much any digital fashion & beauty platform and you are inundated with ideas on where to buy Fright-Tastic pieces, Halloween makeup tutorials and the like.  TV channels are also getting into the groove by showing various Halloween themed programs…

I’m gutted because although dressing up is My Thing, I won’t be partaking in any Halloween shenanigans this year. Why?  I’m in Nigeria- Port Harcourt specifically- and from what I’ve observed, no one gives a diggity damn about celebrating things that go bump in the night.

But that’s not going to stop me from adding my 2 cents in the Halloween Mix.  For those of you who love to get creative with their outfits but are strapped for cash this year, the good news is that with a few choice ACCESSORIES, you can whip up an ensemble that wows the crowds.

Tips On How To Dress For Halloween On A Budget

Tip 1: Get a mask.  For those of you who can’t be bothered to dress up for Halloween from head to toe, who are not sure what character to be/don’t want to adhere to a particular party dress code : buy a mask.  Why? It instantly takes your look from outfit to costume, making you look like you made an effort, when you secretly didn’t, Ahaaaaa!!  The good news is that masks start at reasonably low prices and depending on the craftsmanship, go up and up and up.

I often get my masks from my local fancy dress store, I find they are cheaper than buying masks in department stores.

White Feather Angel MaskTip 2: Get a Black Cobweb Cloak.  If you want to look Gothic-Fab, you NEED to buy this.  Pairing a black cobweb cloak with that slinky maxi black dress in your wardrobe would make Morticia Addams, Oh So Proud.  I’ve found that during the Halloween period, department stores tend to stock cobweb cloaks in their Halloween Section.  I’d choose a department store over your local fancy dress store folks, as from experience, the cobweb  cloaks in department stores tend to be better quality and have more of a range.

Halloween Black Cobweb CloakTip 3: Get a Series Of Props.  The next time you’re in your local fancy dress store, buy a paper crown, sceptre and gloves.  Why? Because with these choice cheap n friendly props and a regal-esque outfit to boot, you can be a Queen of the Night, like so:

halloween2Tip 4: Get a Wig. A decent wig will transform your outfit. Fact. I’m putting emphasis on the word ‘decent’ because I ain’t talking about those ghastly Tinsel Neon Wigs. It’s pretty much impossible to look half-decent in those tacky things.  Bygones.

One of my favourite Fancy Dress wigs will always be this Cruella DeVille number:

Cruella DeVille WigSide Tip: As you can see from my first and last image, a white feather bolero goes a long way.  If you love Fancy Dress, get one pronto, there are so many looks that can be fashioned from this garment.  High Street stores like Topshop, tend to sell feather boleros during the Autumn and Winter periods.

Which is your favourite outfit of the lot?  Are you going to any Halloween themed parties this weekend?  What’s your outfit?  As I’ll be stuck at home, twiddling major thumbs, I want to live vicariously through you!