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I may not have been in Berlin for Halloween but I had more fun in Port Harcourt than I had bargained for.  Last Saturday, the school I work in organised a Mamma Mia! Gala party, and yes I chose the theme: I wave my ABBA flag loud and proud.

Anyhoo, in the days leading up the Big Day, everyone was swopping ideas on what to wear, where to go shopping et al; I just Kept Calm.  Gone are the days when I bleed my account dry to buy a bunch of fancy dress items for a fancy dress party that get rave reviews and then are banished to the dark recesses of my closet: I was getting a wig.  A Statement 70s Afro Wig…ABBA reached their peak in the 70s helllooooo…  If you read my recent Halloween article, you’ll remember that I like to get wiggy with it for fancy dress parties…

Midi Ankara Print Skirtafro5Initially when I tried the wig on in the store, the part of me who was slowly but surely letting  the conservative and  low-key Port Harcourt lifestyle get to me murmured worryingly, ‘Biki, are you sure? It is a school party after all, the wig looks too big to me…’, but then luckily the ShowGirl Slash DragQueen part of me bitchslapped that boring part out of me and shouted (with a finger snap): ‘Honey, you better wErk that wig!!’  I took her advice.

afro4I’m wearing one of my latest Ankara print skirts, I got the fabric in a fabric store and sketched the design for my Aunt (who is a wizard on the ol’ sewing machine).  Aaaah, I love those pockets…

For the most part, when I am in Nigeria my Fashion Formula is:

Tee/Top + Waist Cinching Belt + Midi Ankara Print Skirt + Heels = My Everything!

afro1afro2Fashion Tip

-Should you want to show off your waistline and skip drawing attention to your lower half (i.e. hips, thighs and bottom): a midi A- Line shaped skirt should become your NBF (New Best Friend, Helllloooo…)  Paired with a corset-like belt for good measure, not only will this accessory break your outfit fabulously, your waistline will be snatched for the gods, making all eyes linger on your wasp-like waist as opposed to your least favourite areas.

-If you are bottom-heavy, the great thing about an A Line-shaped skirt is that it skims past your ‘trouble areas’ in a flattering 50s Retro-Sexy kinda way.