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Not too many moons ago I was in Lagos for a heartbeat, time was short but I knew I wanted to shoot my #LagosBoyMuse-Daniel- for another edition of He Got Style. Those who follow my blog know how much fun Daniel and I had the last time.

This time around Daniel and I faced more challenges. For starters, where Daniel was residing at the time did not have most of his wardrobe, so he had arranged for one of his designer friends to loan him some pieces.  However on the day, the designer did a Lindsay Lohan (flaked (Translation: fucked up) and Daniel called me saying, ‘Biki, I think we have to cancel the shoot.’ And I replied, ‘Get whatever you have, we are doing this!’

And do it we diggity did and in the same location as last time: Bogobiri- there are so many nooks n crannies in this Afrocentric rustic wonderland, I knew we would find some new backdrops to shoot.

Menswear shirt and shortsWhen he arrived, Daniel had the idea to wear a straw hat to compliment the vintage throwback vibe of his sandals and by chance, one of the Bogobiri tradesmen had one. Don’t you love it when the stars align for your shoot?

Menswear Print Shirt With Buttons and CollarPhotographing Daniel is always such a pleasure, our ritual dictates that we start with drinks and lunch in Bogobiri’s cafe during which he wows me by telling me what he’s been up to…for a uni student, his Hussle Cap is placed firmly on: he was photographing an editorial the next day for a Menswear mag, had been appointed editor for another magazine, had his work published…

Mens Tribal Red Beaded NecklaceSummer Sandals MenWe also talked (Translation: Bitched)about how everyone increasingly in Lagos and beyond now tags themselves with being a Stylist/Blogger/Photographer/Fashion Consultant…

I have a lot to say on this topic and I was happy to hear Daniel who I consider the Next Talented Generation say that sometimes he hesitates on calling on himself a stylist because he feels he needs more body of work.

I like that way of thinking because it shows a desire to hone your craft before claiming to be an expert in it.  I don’t mind what people call themselves creatively, if they have the body of work, clients and longevity to back that up.

Case in point, I love taking photographs, I own a camera, every now and again someone compliments me on a picture I’ve taken, my pictures have been published in a magazine: But yet a photographer that does not make me!!!

What do you guys think?

Summer Straw HatAnyhoo, for a second look Daniel paired his dungarees/overalls with his print shirt.  When I tried to pull out the other side of Daniel’s red beaded necklace that was hidden under his shirt, he stopped me by pointing out that his Half Way style of wearing his necklace would look different and more interesting. He was right.

Menswear OverallsHow coote are his dungarees?  I adore shooting Daniel, he knows how to work the camera and gave me more shapes and angles than a seasoned body contortionist.

089African Streetwear Style099You can’t imagine how excited we were to see this bus, we had actually rounded up the shoot but when we saw the bus we ran to it like little kids!

Nigerian Bus104I would love the below picture as a postcard…

106And that’s it folks, stay tuned to see the pics that Daniel took of me! ( :