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Continuing with my #AccessoriesAreMyThing series, let me tell you a short story.  One night in Berlin, I found myself in the Ladies Toilets trying to make some sense of my lil’ Afro: you see water is to an Afro, what kryptonite is to Superman: It Destroys. So after a vigorous dance session, sweat tends to make my hair shrink, meaning I have to ‘Superman Dash’ into the loos to puff it out again (which often fails).

Anyhoo, as I faced the mirror and rearranged the chains on my gold leaf comb, a girl looked at me and goes, ‘I love the comb in your hair, you look like a Queen.’  Don’t you love it when people give you compliments at the exact right time? With that ego boost, I gave my image a mental finger snap and Sashay Shantayed out of the toilets and back to my friends.  The End.

Gold leaf hair comb with chainsNow why did I share this story? Because a friend with a TWA recently used interesting words to describe how she felt with her short Afro, ‘unfeminine…not ugly’; and I got what she meant instantly.  Honestly, I struggle with this way of thought with my short hair and what helps to lift my mood and make me feel like a Wo!Man are my hair accessories. Take this gold leaf comb with chains, for example: I wear them so the chains fall ever so slightly on my face- that gentle sway-for whatever reason, makes me feel feminine.

gold and silver earringsYes, yes beauty and confidence should come from within but sometimes one needs a little help along the way. Can the ladies in the congregation stamp their feet and shout, Amen!!

ear diamante cuffWhat accessories do you put in your hair to make you feel more feminine?

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Bolero: Miss Selfridge, Bustier: WYLDR, Earrings, Necklace and cuff: Topshop, Rings and gold leaf comb with chain (Alas you can’t buy any of the pieces I’m wearing from their online store): iam, Similar gold leaf comb with chains: Amazon