Ladies and Gentleladies, nearly a month has gone by since my last confession post and I wanted to let y’all know that the reason you’ve not seen any action on this site is because my new blog site is still under construction.

With the new site, my developer Slash designer and I are at the stage where we are tying up important loose ends and dealing with the more unsexy part of blogging, like: SEO Plugins, Google Analytics yaddy yaddy yada.  I’m hoping we can be wrapped up in the next two weeks…I’ll be keeping you posted.

Also for the past 3 weeks, I have been very sick, we are talking ‘Take Me To The Emergency Room Coz I Can’t Stand The Pain No More’ kinda sick (Ps I’m much better now), then I had to go to LDN as I wasn’t so convinced with the medical care I was getting in Berlin and in between that, I had to somehow keep up with the Marketing Comms work I do for the school, prepare and do an interview (I’m looking for a full-time job in Berlin ya know)…

Anyhoo, all of this chaos has made me stronger and calmer mentally, at least I hope it has!  And it was great to have my family taking turns to call me from all over the world when I was going through it and to have my Berlin mates have my back when I was rolling in bed in agony. THANK YOU!

Until my new site is up and running, I’m updating the public via myblog’s Facebook Page, I even did an impromptu Naija Dance Fitness Video with a good friend of mine to celebrate feeling better.  Y’all should check it out here.

Till the next time, have a brilliant weekend!


Posing against a fabulous graffiti wall with my model/dancer mate, Lukie!