#AccessoriesAreMyThing: Short Afro Hair Accessories & Style Inspiration


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short afro hair accessoriesLadies and Gentleladies: welcome to my #AccessoriesAreMyThing short series and now moving along…

So here’s the thing, I have an incy wincy Afro and sometimes I long for length to feel more feminine and yes, yes, I know the length of your hair has nothing to do with female empowerment but sometimes I get weak and want to put one sassy hand on my hip, turn a leg out and do a Beyoncé hair toss ok?

Since that can’t and won’t be happening anytime soon, I find myself drawn to hair accessories more and more, especially ones that compliment the short length of my hair.  Case in point, I feel certain headbands suit me more because my hair is so short.

When it comes to headbands, I don’t want those anorexic ones, Thank You.  I like em’ Thick.  I’m also all about embellishment; I love my headbands to razzle n dazzle, twinkle n winkle…

headband accessoriesShort Afro Hair Tip

Instead of pushing your headband back to sit on top or halfway on your head, try wearing it across your forehead for a more Dramatic Look.

Embellished HeadbandAs you know Beauty n Style go hand in hand, and personally, I feel having short hair means I have to up my Style Game.  Maybe I feel I have to over compensate somehow…hmmm, is this how men feel who have small, erm, ‘engines’?

Anywho, with my hair this short, I have nowhere to hide, my features are all out there n shit.  So in a bid to turn sour lemons in funky fresh lemonade, I like to comb my lil’ hair out the best I can, wear a maxi trench coat, slip on some statement boots…that makes me feel bad ass…

vintage maxi trench coatThen I layer my rings and snatch my waist for the gods.  I do this on some days so I can feel like a WO!Man…I am currently obsessed with rings and discovered a fab accessory Berlin store-I am- and as you know (if you follow my Blog) #AccessoriesAreMyThing, so I now pretty much live in the store!

Gold Statement RingsI also love the heels on my latest Vagabond boots, I really feel like lifting off when I’m in them and they are so comfortable!

Vagabond BootsAnd back to you guys: PsssT!I found a way to brave the cold whilst taking #OOTD shots: erm, by staying inside! This is the first indoors shoot I’ve done on my blog, the photographer is a good friend of mine- Patricia Santos.  Speaking of locations, I’d love to sit down with my fellow bloggers and ask how easy is it for y’all to find locations to take #OOTD photos?

‘Cause sometimes I feel like Personal Style bloggers live somewhere akin to a Universal Studios set, with all these fab staged sets you can just breezily catwalk to and take your shots…enquiring minds want to know! ( :

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Headband (similar) : ASOS,  Maxi Trenchcoat (similar): Topshop, Rings: I am, Boots (similar): Vagabond


My 15th Feature On The Independent Fashion Bloggers’s Weekly Roundup:’Links à la Mode’



You are ready. You’ve made plans. You’ve laid out your wardrobe. You’ve purchased gifts. {if you haven’t, see gift guides} But. But what? Something is missing. Oh yes, that’s right, significant other. One minor detail. However, IFB bloggers have you covered. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about romance, but a love for all of the favorite people in our lives. This week there is a  lovely assortment of gift guides and ways to celebrate this love holiday.

Valentine’s Day also became a theme to draw inspiration from for a creative story and photoshoot. Not your average blog post and something to consider when you are stuck for a topic. Also, interviews with a boss lady, a stylist, and a retailer give insight to their climb to expert status. That along with a list of blogger style icons give encouragement and, I hope, motivation in the business of blogging.

And no round-up would be complete without favorite fashion trends. Skinny scarves, monochromatic dressing, and the color yellow are all shared. All of which are worn to make an impression. Check out an in depth look into Marc Jacob’s recent ad campaign. Also, the first post with a glimpse into New York Fashion Week. It’s finally here, and I can’t wait to see what strikes you all.

So, whether you are spending it with your significant other, bestie, child, or watching Netflix with Mr. Ben and Mr. Jerry, let Valentine’s Day be a day to remember those we cherish. I will be making valentine’s and watching Masha and the Bear with a four year old.

Links à la Mode, February 11

SPONSOR: Amazon’s Shopbop For Love & Lemons,
Ash SneakersParker DressesKENDALL + KYLIEBronzallureSomedays LovinCropped JeansOff Shoulder DressesDenim SwimwearMen’s Reigning Champ



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As Maxine poured her favourite blend of scented oils into her bath, she breathed deeply in an attempt to let the delicate blend of aromas calm her incensed senses. But it was of no use, all she could think was, ‘He’s a dead man’.

marie15She also wanted to punish him that much harder because he had been so unforgivably cliché with his betrayal.  If he was going to defecate all over their relationship, he could at least have had the common courtesy to be creative about it.

Black Jacket and TrousersRevenge wasn’t best served cold, it was best served wearing a black ripped knit dress and killer heels…

Black Knit Maxi DressAs the day went on Maxine conjured up a plan.  She knew exactly where to hit him where it hurt and she knew just the man who would only be too happy to co-star in her latest rendition of Dangerous Liasons.  He may be her husband’s younger brother, but he had made it very clear that he more than willing to get to know her in the biblical sense and now he was going to get the chance.

marie11Whilst her husband had strayed outside to break their marriage vows, Maxine was going to keep it in the family.  Quite literally.

marie25As she sauntered down the stairs to unleash her plan, she felt the delicate lace of her lace-ups rub between her thighs causing a thrilling friction.  With each descent, she felt her emotions flail helplessly further down the rabbit hole but she didn’t care.  ‘An eye for an eye…’ she thought to herself and as her husband’s face flashed before her, she smirked and whispered, ‘Happy Valentines Baby’.


Model: Marie G-R

Photographer, Stylist and Story writer: Biki J

Shop The Story (Credits In Order Of Story)

Black Harness Bra (similar): Très Bonjour, Black jacket and trousers: Isabell De Hillerin, Black ripped knitted dress:École Boutique, Black skirt with traditional macramé: Isabell De Hillerin, Black Jumpsuit: Isabell De Hillerin, Silk blouse: Laend Phuengkit

Hey guys, a little background to this Valentine Story, I shot it in 2014 and had a lot of fun doing so.  One of the highlights was getting the opportunity to work with a very talented friend of mine, Marie (side note: she assisted in making the harness bras she’s wearing in the story).  Whilst preparing to shoot this story, I was greatly inspired by legendary photographer, Ellen von Unwerth, I adore her kitsch retro black and white Femme Fatale editorials.  I would love to style an editorial with her…tsigh…

Have any of you watched the 90s classic, The Last Seduction with Linda Fiorentino?  If you havn’t, do so ASAP, it’s one of the best Femme Fatale movies ever made and I was inspired by that too…

Side note: all designers listed are German-based designers.  I’m especially a fan of  École Boutique and Très Bonjour.

Anywho,when I shot this story I didn’t shoot it with an intent of making it a Valentine Story or building an actual  story around it, but one of the great things about having this blog is I get to try out new things.  One of the reasons I got into styling was to tell visual stories: I wanted to create characters that…have cinematic results….and not being a full-time stylist anymore (by choice) means I don’t have the opportunity to do that, and I do miss it from time to time.

But perhaps I can tell visual stories on my blog, what do you think? Which is your favourite image from the story?

And back to you: In the last few weeks there have been so many Valentine-themed articles (tips on makeup & hair, what to wear, read, eat, breathe… AAARGGH!!) So I’m interested to know what you plan on wearing? And what will you be wearing whilst you are doing who you are doing? Ok I’ll stop.

Happy Vali Dizzle!

Key Ways To Look Chic In A Jumper Dress


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Its Winter and jumper dresses at first glance seem like a godsend: easy to throw on, roomy enough to hide a multitude of sins and comfy to boot  Despite these irresistible attributes, jumper dresses can cause a bit of a connundrum, because one false move and you can end up looking like a shapeless potato sack.

And what’s more, the roomier and less fitted a jumper dress is, the harder it is to look chic, glamorous or anything from the luxe family.  Take for instance my chuniy cotton grey jumper dress, on a hanger it looks like the perfect outfit for casual wear…to have a Movie Night in, run around doing weekend errands in… But sometimes I want to look fancy in it, dammit!  Well after some playing around, I’ve found some key pieces that give it that Chic Factor.

Can I just add a side note to say that whilst doing this shoot, it was so cold that my fingers all but got frost bite? And no, running my hands under hot water didn’t help, it hurt like the very devil and I got a killer headache…how are you guys managing doing your Personal Style shoots in winter?  Anywho, back to the matter at hand…

Key Ways To Look Chic In A Jumper Dress

  1. Wear a bejewlled turban: if you read my blog you know I’ve said time and time again that turbans are a hop, skip and jump away from Glamour Ville.


Grey Jumper Dress2. Throw on a faux fur gilet: faux fur gilet’s, vests or whatever you wanna call them give that boho 70s luxe glam vibe to an outfit, so they’re the perfect accompaniment to a casual looking jumper dress.

jumper dress with fur gilet3. Razzle Dazzle with accessories: I love to mix gold and silver, and because my jumper dress has a neutral soft grey palette, I felt this gave me licence to amp things up with statement gold jewellery.  See my goldsnake skin bag? It’s Valentino.  I bought it in Harrods over a decade ago.  It punctured major holes in my wallet at the time.  It also fell apart after like a week and I learnt a very important lesson: that designer names don’t always mean quality.  I just love an expensive lesson, don’t you?

grey jumper dressGold snakeskin bagstatement gold rings4) Step up your footwear: what adorns your feet gives an insight into what mood you’re feeling.  So add some pizzazz to your jumper dress by slipping on shoes with a heel, interesting texture…

biki2.14Do any of you own a sweater or jumper dress? How do you style it?

Shop My Look

Black turban without brooch: Amazon, Grey oversized jumper dress (similar): ASOS, Faux fur black gilet (similar):Topshop, Black patent lace up boots: Vagabond, All Rings (Rings are not online yet, but head to their stores, its worth it): I Am

Pictures: Patricia Santos

How To Get Your Picture Taken During Fashion Week (Autumn/Winter)


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Ladies and Gentleladies, fashion week fever is sweeping through the nation, last week it was Berlin Fashion Week, in February will be London Fashion Week and then we have the menswear shows…now what does this mean for a fashion blogger?  Well a lot, the obvious Must Do’s being attending shows, networking at fashion events, yaddiyadiyada:but let’s not forget what a lot of bloggers really love about fashion week: that tap on the shoulder with words following, ‘Can I take your picture for ….?’ Come on, you know you love it, that’s why a lot of you dress for the occassion, some get it effortlessly right whilst others topple headfirst in the Try Hard pit.

Last week during Berlin Fashion Week, I attended the Blogger event to go to: Style Rankings, Fashion Blogger Café extravaganza to take some Fashion Week Personal Style pics.  When getting ready for the event I’m not gonna lie, I chose pieces with the intention of getting my picture taken and when I attended the event, I looked out for people who adorned themselves with particular accessories and used certain layering techniques that caught my eye.  The event was Oh So Much Fun, and after I had my picture taken by a few street style photographers, bloggers and magazine editors, I came up with the idea to write this article.

So in case you have a fashion week event coming up and you want to know how to make an impression or you are just plain curious, here are my:

Tips On How To Get Photographed During Fashion Week (Autumn/Winter)

(Note I am stressing Autumn/Winter because for obvious weather reasons,  the options one has to make an impact in Autumn/Winter are totally different from what one can do for Spring/Summer.

  1. It’s Autumn/Winter so a lot of you will want to gravitate towards black.  To make your black ensemble not fall flat, add some pizzazz like this lady did by injecting statement print via a handbag and metallic shine by accessorizing with gold jewellery.  A killer manicure and Boss Gold Watch won’t hurt either.

022Gold Statement Rings and Watch2) Boys, why not catch our eye by colour coordinating from head to toe, playing with proportions, wearing a quirky statement print T and trainers that make us ask, ‘Where did you get that from?’  Seem like a lot to ask? Well this dude pulled it of and FYI a jaunty hat/cap to finish off the look won’t hurt either.

Black and White Menswear040White and Black trainers3) These two girls caught my eyes for different reasons.  For the one on the left, I was all about her simple monochrome pairings topped off by a fab black and gold Moschinoe bucket bag, and the belle’s 70s floppy hat on the right got two thumbs up from me. And the moral of the story is: simple statement accessories can go a long way.

046Moschino Black Bucket Bag70s Floppy Hat4) During Autumn/Winter fashion week, you are going to find your fair share of Black Jacket wearers, so if you stray from the dark fold and experiment with other colours, you are bound to catch someone’s attention. These girls are both showing how to add some pizzazz to their denim skinnies, a fringed poncho here, vampy makeup with sassy pigtails there…

0545) Boys, if you are wondering how to pull of the Urban meets Streetwear look, here’s how…Mr Cutey Cute can give lessons on neutral colour coordinating and layering.

Berlin Urban Streetwear0770806) And I saved my favourite look for last, Ms Thang ticks all my boxes: fab layering technique, she snatched in her waist for the gods with a skinny belt, her statement jewellery, fab multicoloured leather bag, her poppn’ cherry red trainers, the streaks in her hair…it goes on. One of the key tips to take away from this look? Experiment With Fashion by playing with colour and textures.

Maxi Sleeveless Knitwear Cardigan074071Multi Coloured Leather BagAnd before I sign of, here’s what I wore:

Maxi Trench Coat

062And back to you, from No.1 to 6, who gets your vote? Are any of you attending any upcoming fashion week events? What do you plan on wearing? Questions…questions…

Feeling Snuggly Warm In My #WinterGreyAccessories


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One of the things I love about the AutumnWinter season is building my wardrobe with Winter Friendly Grey Pieces.  Speaking of the hue in question, why does grey get such a bad rap? In literature, its often used to describe bleak and dismal weather, when one is getting frustrated, there’s the expression of getting so worked up your hair turns grey…

I for one am all about grey, it’s a great neutral colour to inject into your wardrobe because it pretty much goes with any hue.  Also because there are 50 Shades Of Grey (HaBloodyHa!), it means you can experiment with tones fading from dark slate grey to light icy grey.

As you see below the darker grey of my polo neck makes my lighter grey cardi pop all the more…

maxi grey cardigan

Grey Maxi Cardigan

For a Christmas present my Big Sis got me this fab Celeste cashmere mix matching scarf, hat and gloves and they are now my DayWear Go-To Accessories.  The weather in Berlin has definitely turned its icy back towards us and with that, we”ve been treated to snow every other day, so keeping my head, ears and neck warm is a must.

Celeste Cashmere Mix Matcing Hat Scarf and Gloves

But the thing is I want to keep warm but still look cool ya know, and this is where matching winter accessories come in handy because they make you look Oh So Co-ordinated and Winter Chic.

Ps another thing I love about the colour grey is it compliments pastel hues so nicely, I love to wear my grey wool hat with my lilac purple frames (D&G)…


So for those of you who are not part of the Grey Brigade, or are looking for cheap and simple ways to add some pizzazz into your Outerwear, why don”t you start by buying a matching set of Winter knit accessories? Do It. I told you so.


Midi Faux Leather Skirt

At the moment I am kind of obsessed with my BitchStomp Patent Ankle Boots…

Vagabond Grace Lace Up Ankle Boots

And back to you: which Winter Accessories are keeping you snuggly warm this winter?


Shop My Look

Grey wool hat, gloves and ear muffs: eBay, Black and gold earrings (similar): H & M, Grey polo neck sweater(similar): Zara, Grey oversized cardigan(Not So Similar…): Topshop, Black leather midi skirt: Topshop, Black patent lace up ankle boots: Vagabond

How To Layer Your Clothes In The Autumn/Winter Like A Boss


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During the Autumn/Winter season, mastering the Art of Layering is key.  As the temperatures drop, there is the natural need to bundle and pile on lots of clothing to keep warm, and this is when one needs to know the tricks to building up a look stylishly because I think we can all agree the Michelin Man look is Not Hot.

So on that note here are my:

Layering Clothes Tips

  1. Whilst layering your clothes, streamline your sihouette by pairing chunky or oversized tops with form-fitting  bottoms and vice versa.
  2. Invest in a sturdy yet fashionable jacket that reigns your look in.  One of the things I love most about A/W is hunting for The Perfect Jacket.  I’m really into maxi coats at the moment as you can see below.
  3. Roll up your coat sleeves to toughen up your look or to contrast the colours and textures of your layered ensemble.  Here I rolled up my wool coat sleeves to expose the PVC wet look sleeves of my cardigan.

Black Wool Oversized Winter Jacket

1084) Remix a summer piece like your pair of open toe stilettos by adding tights.  I can’t let go of my black platforms quite yet, and I find wearing them with tights and/or socks keeps them alive (as you can see above).

5) Don’t just pile up your clothes, layer up your accessories too.  The colder it gets, the more I feel like I need my jewellery as armour to shield me from The Elements. With this look I went All Out in a a gold link chain headband, earrcuff and earrings, bracelets, rings, necklace…

How To Layer Jewellery6) Where would layering be without experimenting with different textures? This is one of the key ingredients to making your layered look have depth and depending on the fabrics: luxurious.  In my look I play with faux faux, pleather, mesh, cotton, metals…


Grey & Black Oversized Cardigan7) Adding a Pop of Colour adds pizzazz to your layered outfit.  Here I opted for these snazzy black and cobalt blue print trousers.  Enjoy seeing me in trousers, it will be a long time before you see me in a pair again…if I am to go down that road, I’m more of a leggings girl…

8) One’s waist is often lost during the A/W season, all that piling up of clothes can lead to a rather non-descript wasitline.  If you still want to be snatched for the gods, invest in a good leather corset belt to reign those bulky cardigans in.  And yes, for this shoot, I didn’t take me own advice.  I didn’t even tuck in my mesh T.  What can I say, sometimes I like to let it all hang out.

Black and Blue Graphic Print Slim Fitting Trousers

Oversized black and grey cardiganThis year, in a bid to improve my Readers experience on my blog, I’ll by giving the option to Shop some options from My Look.  And yes, I’m about 4 years late in doing this, but better late than never!  PS As I wear so much jewellery ( :, for now I’ll pick and choose which ones I credit.  Feel free to ask about the ones that take your fancy in the Comment Box.

How do you guys like to Layer Up for A/W and what A/W friendly pieces do you have your beady eyes on to purchase?

Shop My Look

Oversized Black Jacket with Fur Collar (Similar): Missguided, Mesh T (Similar): Hot!Mess, Open Cardigan with PVC wet look sleeves (Similar): Amazon, Slim Fit Print Trousers (Similar): ASOS, Black studded platforms with wooden heel (Similar): Modesens, Ear Cuff (Similar): Accessorize, Bullet gold chain with spikes (Similar): eBay

Watch Part 2 Of My Silverbird TV Show, ‘Fashion Special With Biki John’!


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L to R: Me, Designer: Jose Hendo, Model: Paula Okunzuwa

L to R: Me, Designer: Jose Hendo, Model: Paula Okunzuwa

Happy New Year Everyone! I love the first week of Jan don’t you, your body, soul and mind is just brimming with hope and positivity; you’re damn near overflowing  with ideas on how to change your life for the better. Enrol in that Gym, Go Green, Spring Clean your Wardrobe, Ditch those Bad Habits, Get that Promotion, Bla Bla Blabity Blaaaaa! ( :

Well, in the spirit of Bringing In The New, I’d like to present y’all with Part 2 of my TV show. I’d also like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to leave Comments on my Part 1 post: your feedback is truly valuable.  Good or bad, I want to hear it, coz as I said before: You are my target audience!

In Part 2 of the show, I interview award-winning Ugandan-born British designer, Jose Hendo who shows that African fashion is more than the stereotypically perceived bold colour and prints; it can also incorporate striking/exaggerated and wearable monochrome silhouettes, as well as advocate eco-fashion.

I happen to find her work ethos as striking as her fabulous hair-do, and was pleasantly surprised and happy to have her be so vulnerable during the interview- when you watch the vid, you’ll see what I mean.  In addition to this interview, I also share some more S/S 16 Trend Alerts and there’s a dash of Street Style and a dollop of Model Interviews.

I have to say I enjoyed doing post-production work more on Part 2 because of the critique I got from Part 1, I hope it shows.  Again, let me know in the Comments Section below.

Have a great first week of the year: Go Get ‘Em Tiger, Grrrrrr (and yes, I am taking my New Year Gusto a bit too far!!)

He Got Style: Music Meets Runway 2015 (Lagos, Nigeria) Edition


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I was invited to what I refer to as my ‘Favourite Music and Fashion Party’: Music Meets Runway (Lagos, Nigeria).  Sadly, as I was in Virginia doing the Family Thang I was a No Show at the Plush Extravaganza.  I was a tad gutted about this, as being the event’s 5th edition, I knew it would be even bigger and better than their last year’s shindig.

MMR went down on Tuesday, 22nd of November 2015 at Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.  The Who’s Who of the entertainment industry in Lagos like Oluchi Orlandi, Stephanie Coker, Ono Bello and Seyi Shay were treated With performances by in-demand artists like Lil Kesh, Wizkid, Victoria Kimani, Darey Art-Alade and more; whilst several designers like David Tlale, Mademoiselle Aglaia had models stalk the runway in their latest collections.

One of the reasons I love this event is because judging from what I witnessed last year: it tends to draw a very experimental and diverse crowd of men, and had I been able to attend the event, I would have been bouncing from wall to wall with my camera taking pics with gusto.

And without furtherado, lets take a look at the dudes that make my Best Dressed list:

‘Here Comes The Men In Black, Galaxy Defenders…’

This Bobo (dude) gets major brownie points from me.  From head to toe- it all works honey.  I’m loving his Buba (top) and Sokoto (trousers), and ooooh can I see a hint of skin underneath.  Top that of with a ‘Look At Me’ hat, simple but effective metal accessories and those ‘I’ve Arrived’ golden loafers and you have the Best Dressed Male of the night! Ps have I told you how sexy I find men who dress in Trad…

Nigerian Black Bubu and Sokoto

I am totally into the bondage shoulder straps that adorn this dude’s top. What I am not so into is his overly manicured beard and sunglasses.  But I give him a pass because of the impecable fit of his clothes and did I mention how into those bondage shoulder straps I am?

All Black Menswear Style


Suited, Booted and Allll That

Its rare that I see men in Lagos taking this rock n’ roll approach to a suit and I’m all for it. That black skinny tie makes all the difference and I love the simple mix of slate grey and black here.  His hairstyle and glasses are cute too…

Grey Suit and Black Skinny Tie Style


As a whole this look ticks a lot of my Menswear boxes: tailored shorts, bow tie, kerchief, statement glasses…I do wonder if I would have loved this look even more if he was taller…hmmm, food for thought…there is something D & G fabulous about his monogrammed loafers…He also gets major snaps for his Afro side parting, that’s my kind of Geek Chic!

Menswear Blazer and Shorts Style

What does it for me is his Fresh Prince of Bel Air haircut…I diggity dig that.



The Wild Card

Question: What do we think of this Camouflage blazer? I don’t know what I think of this look….do I loathe it, did he pull it of?  Can camouflage ever be tailored effectively or does it just belong in trench warfare? But that’s exactly why I added this last look, for me its at the very edge of good taste and about to fall off into Bad Taste Oblivion but I like the way it makes me asks questions.  I don’t even know if I like what’s happening on his feet, but I see the thought and colour co-ordination that went into this ensemble and for that he makes my list.



And now over to you, who makes your Best Dressed list?

Ps this is my last post of the year…Wow, can’t believe I just wrote that…hard to believe that 2015 is inches from bidding us Adieu! And to that I say: HAPPY NEW YEAR, have a blast and can’t wait to see y’all in 2016!

To read more about MMR, click here.

9 Blogs/Bloggers That Rocked My World This Year!


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The year has nearly ended and before it whisks away into the unknown abyss, there are a few bloggers I want to give an extra shout out too.  I should preface this with saying that I’m grateful to all of my Readers who give me love with your clicks, Likes and Comments, really: Thank You.  And with this being the season of thanks and all that good-ish, here are the blogs/bloggers I want to thank for their amazing comments, support and who continue to be a never-ending well of inspiration. There’s so much to say about these blogs/bloggers but I’m going to keep it short and sweet!

  1. Stella from Fashion Style Police

Thanks Stella for your consistency and support of my blog (and sharing my posts on Twitter).  I don’t go online much to see who’s wearing what, I barely know who is on the front cover these days or who bagged which campaign, so I appreciate being kept in the know via your blog. I also took some of your tips on how to be a better blogger and lets see how the wind blows with that, eh!

Fashion & Style Police

Fashion & Style Police

2. Dana from I’ve Got Cake

Bitch, where do I start with you.  Love your Food n Fashion blog and how you lace both with random happenings in your day/life and regale all with heavy dosages of foul language! I love to swear, I almost find it therapeutic, so I have a whale of a time on your blog! Ps you also inspire me to be a better cook…one day, Ha! I’ve enjoyed our Comments Banter and look forward for more to come!

I've Got Cake

I’ve Got Cake

3. Cara from Xocara.com

Really Gurl, thanks for your support, in the dreaded month of October I left the blogosphere for a while, and I’ll always remember your sweet message to me asking me what was up! That apart, I live for the photos of your lil’ soldiers and have really enjoyed seeing you come into your own this year: your photography, style et al. And wooohooo you won my Giveaway, we have to sort that out…Besides your juicy comments, thanks for giving my newly born Facebook Page some luv!



4. Vanessa from What Would V Wear

I think if I met you I’d actually fan out, you remind me of a heady cocktail mix of Debbie Harry and Nina Perrson (The Cardigans).  Your blog continues to inspire me, the photography is Beyond, as is your style. I’ve said it before and damn it, I’ll say it again: I want your sunglasses collection!  And when I found out you were a Ma to boot, my jaw did drop, I don’t know how you find the time to wear so many hats so fabulously well. Thanks for your lovely comments and support.

What Would V Wear

What Would V Wear

5. Fraquoh and Franchomme from the Attireclub

Where do I start with these lovely Gentlemen?  They are my one-stop point when I want to read up about menswear trends, which dude wore what at which event or sometimes when I want to be schooled on ‘6 Men’s Office Fashion Tips’. Gentlemen, you definitely push me to write more and better menswear articles. And Big thanks for promoting my Blog Competitions and TV programs.

6. Dana from Dee for Dana

What to say about Ms Dee the Cool Minimalist from Abu Dhabi? Her warmth and positive energy radiate from her words and hers is one of those blogs I’m happy I stumbled across whilst ‘Blog Surfing’.  On a side note, I’m also all about her Sexy Bed hair, sometimes I think of certain situations and the hair I would have in each one of them (#TrueTalk) and I can so see myself laying on dishevelled white sheets after a thorough ‘exercise session’ with her hair! And back to the topic at hand- Thanks for the support hon!

Dee for Dana

Dee for Dana

7. Nedu From Nedoux.com

I used to think in these days of 150 Words Or Less communication, that for a blog to be popular, it was really more about pictures than words but Nedu’s blog posts prove me wrong each and every time.  Her About section reads, ‘Words are the fabric of my mind’, and I truly love to read her finely spun narratives: her play with words, wit…I get transported back to a time when I wanted to do a Masters in Journalism to improve my writing.  Anyhoo, back to Nedu- Big Thanks for your support, you make me want to have some kind of Bloggers Cupcake Party in Lagos, so we can stuff ourselves and chit chat!



8. Filomena from Figuring Things Out and VGC

One of the things I dig (Yeees, I said dig!!)about Filomena is her statement low cut, I have deep admiration for women who can rock that look.  I also love the way Filomena gives me options via her 2 blogs- when I want to really ponder about certain things ‘Figuring Things Out’ helps with my thought process and when I want to be inspired style and beauty wise (whilst still waxing lyrical), VGC is just a click away.  Big Thank for your support and thoughtful comments, looking forward to seeing more of your designs next year. Ps she made that dress in the image below folks!



9. Meron From Fashion Style Mogul

Meron came recently into my blogosphere, and I love her joie de vivre, reading her blog makes me feel young again, tsigh (Haha!).  Meron, thanks for your insightful comments and I’m looking forward to more Blog Bonding next year!

Fashion Style Mogul

Fashion Style Mogul

Aaaah!! There are three more so I’ll give a quick shout to  Naeun from Tongue In Chic  ,April from The Promdi Chic and Anwesh Sahoo from The Effeminaire.

And that’s it folks!   Again Big Thanks to Eeeeeveryone who engages with my blog in one way or the other.  I’m in Virginia spending Christmas with my Big Sis and her family and between the constant Christmas music my sis insists on playing, helping my 10 year old niece design a jumper for her school’s Ugly Christmas Jumper competition (which she won!) and other festive good stuff: I’m Fiiiiiiinally in Christmas Mode.

And on that note: MERRY CRIMBO ONE AND ALL!!!

Bisous Bisous (Said in exaggerated French accent)